Play Your PC Games On Mobile,
TV, Mac and Web Browser

Unlimited Action With Your Favourite Games Pre-Installed.

Experience the next level of gaming with our cloud gaming platform. Play your favourite games with unlimited action and enhance your gaming experience. The games come pre-installed. Just login to your dashboard and start gaming.

A Crystal Clear Gaming Experience

Streaming quality is the most important attribute of a cloud gaming platform. At Clutooth Gaming, we strive to provide you with an Ultra HD experience. You just need an hourly pass and a  decent internet connection to experience the full potential of our platform

Play Games On Cloud With Low Latency And High Definition.

Our state of the art infrastructure supports the toughest of games and provides with a smooth Full HD streaming and low latency ultra gaming experience.

Gaming Hours Increasing Soon

Since our systems need high maintenance, we’ve limited the number of hours and the timing from 8-9 pm IST initially for the free and hourly passes. But! We are working on making this a full time cloud gaming platform where you can enjoy your games for 24 hours at affordable rates.

More Games Coming Soon

We are in the process of continuously adding more games to our servers so that you can play them without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud gaming, sometimes called gaming on demand or gaming-as-a-service, is a type of online gaming that runs games on remote servers and streams them directly to a user’s device, or simply, playing a game remotely from a cloud. You just need a basic device like PC, Mac, Mobile to play the games without actually downloading them on your device.

You can purchase the daily pass with which you can play games in High Definition. The daily pass provides you with 2 hours of gameplay from 8 PM to 10 PM Indian Standard Time. If you do not login and play during the specified time, your pass will not be refunded or transferred to the next day.

We would like to thank you all for participating in our free Beta program. The free passes are no longer available. Please purchase a continue using our platform.

You can play games from 8 PM to 10 PM IST daily with your passes. We are planning to increase the number of gaming hours soon so that you can enjoy the Clutooth Gaming experience for 24 hours with your regular passes.

You can play any of the games mentioned. During purchase, you will need to select the game you wish to play during your active hour and we’ll pre-install it before your hour starts.

If your preferred game requires a license, you will have to provide us your own license.

Cloud gaming is a next generation technology which allows you to play games on a remote server. 

You don’t need to buy any expensive hardware like high end GPUs/Graphics Cards and other processors.

With the Clutooth Cloud Gaming Platform, you can connect to our servers with a basic desktop/laptop/mobile phone and enjoy high end games without any latency and excellent streaming quality.

You can make the use of all our services starting at ₹19/hr 


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